The DNS Virus And What It Can Do To Your Computer: FBI Warns

Many people need to check their computer for a DNS virus. The method used to check for the virus is quite simple, and the FBI is warning that the virus could lock you out of the Internet. It’s called the DNS changer virus, and it was created by some individuals who obviously have too much spare time.

The virus is capable of hijacking browsers and their capabilities. One of the unfortunate options that the virus can compromise is the ability to change DNS servers. Put simply, DNS servers translate numerical IPs Read the rest of this entry »

The 2012 Best Gadgets Of The Year: The Weird, The Interesting And The Useful

The year 2012 was certainly an exciting one in the tech community. There were many great new gadgets to emerge that year that were huge among consumers, some of which were top sellers. All of these devices were useful and in demand by individuals of all age ranges. These devices are generally still quite popular at this point and should be looked at as things that might go on your wish list if you are in the market for new tech gadgets.

The Read the rest of this entry »

How Technology Gives Missing Children A Better Chance At Life

In the past, many missing children were found only after someone recognized their picture on a milk carton. Today, technology has stepped in to increase the chances of finding missing children and giving them a better life.

The strongest links of communication when children go missing are now electronic billboard messages, Facebook announcements and other digital media. Details about a missing child can be transmitted nearly instantly through social media, e-mail, text messages and other electronic means. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Smart Techology to the Next Level: Pebble Smart Watch

Smartphones are old news. We all have HD cameras come standard with our phones. We all can video chat at the drop of a hat. We can listen to music, share and post pictures and even watch TV on our smartphones. What is new, is the idea of a smart watch.

Pebble is a tech company that got online funding through the for-profit website Kickstarter to develop its smart watch, a sleek watch face that syncs with your smartphone.

Ever in a situation where you feel your phone vibrate and you want to check it, but you can’t? The Pebble watch alerts you to new messages, texts, emails etc. , which you can read right there on the watch face.

Just like you can personalize your Internet service, like HughesNet from, you can personalize the the vibration alert, the actual display of the watch face and much more.

The watch runs on a rechargeable battery, and also features technology similar to the Kindle, which reduces glare on the screen.

Because the watch is synced with your smartphone, your music is accessible on your wrist. The watch, which comes in an array of colors including Cherry Red and Arctic White, has buttons to adjust the volume, as well as a “select” button, all on the ride-hand side of the face.

Athletes will also appreciate the watch, which can be used with downloaded apps to track stats while out cycling the roadways or running in your neighborhood.

Pebble is planning to release the first wave of watches January 23rd.

The Google Art Project And What It Involves

What is the Google Art Project? It is Googles way of bringing art into your home through the power of the internet. By placing them all on web format, you can now access high-resolution images of the artwork from 151 museums around the globe

Housing over a 32,000 artworks, the Google Art Project allows you to tour through the virtual galleries using the “walk-through” feature. Using the same controls as Googles Street View or clicking on the floor panels, you can navigate through hundreds of virtual Read the rest of this entry »

Google Is Working With Museums To Create Virtual Museums

Working with over 150 museums around the world, Google has embarked upon an ambitious virtualization project. The project aims to bring the experience of visiting a museum online. Through this project any computer user will be able to access works of art at any time.

Beyond a simple online art experience, this project seeks to fully replicate the experience that museum goers get when they physically visit a museum. Online viewers will be able to access every public part of their chosen museum online. The experience is intended to match that of Read the rest of this entry »

The Upcoming Diablo 3 Game And What It Will Involve

Diablo 3is the latest installment in the long-running Diablo franchise and is set to be released soon. This game boasts many exciting new features, and should keep gamers entertained for years to come. Get ready to click your way to mayhem and loot.

New features for Diablo 3 include:

  • A gorgeous new graphics engine, with rich environments and stunning effects.
  • Five character classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard.
  • A new “skill rune” system to modify your skills to suit your style.
  • Powerful, Read the rest of this entry »

Thousands Of Infected Computers Could Lose Internet Service This July

The FBI has been running servers to protect Internet users from losing Internet access when a criminal ring of hackers was shut down. This scam was designed to take control of computers that were infected with malware. To prevent loss of Internet access the FBI set up servers to direct infected computer to a safe DNS server. However, these servers will be taken offline in July and thousands could be prevented from accessing the internet.

When an Internet user had the DNS Changer Read the rest of this entry »

Hitman Absolution And What Makes This a Great Game

What makes “Hitman” a great series is its consistency. The concept is interesting, the controls are easy and the game delivers. Each game just gets better in terms of graphics, story dept and what more your character can do. The developers always find new ways to improve an already great series.
In the previous games you would kill a guard, change into his clothes and blend in to the point where you can easily take out your target. In “Hitman Absolution”, the stealth aspect Read the rest of this entry »